Using IBM Watson to detect Facebook messages’ tone and prioritize support requests

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Not every customer that reaches out for support is a happy camper. When an unhappy customer walks through the door you want to react instantly to avoid any bad escalation.  But tracking the mood of conversations at scale is hard.

Luckily IBM Watson comes to rescue us with its Tone Analyzer APIs! In this post we’re going to do just that using Stamplay and IBM Watson’s API along with a Facebook Page.

Things you’ll need:

Let’s go!

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Introducing An All New CRM Integration: Pipedrive API!

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There are many ways to manage your sales processes using a CRM, but only a few ways to drive actual results.

As your business grows, so does the workload and you can lose track of important calls, meetings, or other crucial steps in the customer journey.

So with this announcement the Pipedrive API integration is now live on Stamplay and you can easily automate sales processes and activities straight from your app or website!

It’s like Trello for sales :)


  • New activity
  • New deal
  • New organization
  • New person
  • Updated deal
  • Updated person
  • Find person by email
  • Find organization
  • Create person
  • Update person
  • Create a note
  • Create deal
  • Update deal

New tutorials centered around the Pipedrive API will be released on our blog in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

We look forward to seeing what you build, happy coding!


Stamplay Introduces Delivery APIs, UberRUSH + Postmates!

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In the modern era, you can get practically anything delivered by using a website or mobile app. And not just the average postal delivery, but also on-demand items like groceries, fast food, laundry services, etc.

With this announcement the UberRUSH and Postmates delivery APIs are now live on Stamplay so that you can add custom delivery functionality to your apps!

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Introducing Facebook Messenger API integration

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: bots are on the rise.

Automated software that helps customers via messenger and can even perform operations like sales transactions… the business value is huge!

With this announcement, the Facebook Messenger API integration is now live on Stamplay and you can build your very own custom messenger bot too! Add rich functionality to your bot with audio, video, images, and more. Get the full list of available operations below!


  • New text message
  • New image
  • New video
  • New audio
  • New location
  • New file
  • New Postback button
  • New Quick reply
  • Send text message
  • Send image
  • Send video
  • Send audio
  • Send file
  • Send button template
  • Send quick reply
  • Send generic template

New tutorials centered around the Messenger API will be released on our blog in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

We look forward to seeing the beautiful bots you build, happy coding!